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home learning std 12 ghare shikhiye video lectures gujarat government

home learning video lectures ghare shikhiye gujarat Government new program for std 1 to 12

Gujarat Council of Educational Research and Training (GCERT) is a significant establishment at the state level for the improvement of subjective instruction at essential and optional schools. All students and all stranded home learning video lectures.

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Under the umbrella of GCERT, there are currently 27 DIETs (District Institute of Education and Training) utilitarian in 33 Districts. These DIETs bestow pre-administration and in-administration preparing to the essential instructors of the State. There are seven branches to be specific Pre-administration Teacher Education (PSTE), Work Experience (WE), District Resource Unit (DRU), Curriculum Material Development and Evaluation (CMDE), Educational Technology (ET), In-administration Field collaboration Innovation and Co-appointment (IFIC) and Planning and Management PM working in these DIETs. These DIETs are well outfitted with qualified and experienced scholastic.

Gujarat govt launches 'Home Learning' video lectures programme for students 

Home Learning Gujarat Time Table Ssa gujarat

Gujarat Council Of Educational Research And Training (GCERT) Std 1 To 12 Home Learning Ghare Shikhiye Gujarat Government Is A Completely Organized State Level Scholarly Foundation And Is Controlled And Guided By Gujarat Home Learning A Governing Body Just As An Executive Committee.

Gujarat Home Learning

Date 28.09.2020 statistics

Date 28.09.2020 biology

Date 28.09.2020 account

Date 28.09.2020 maths

Date 28.09.2020 statistics

Date 27.09.2020 chemistry

Date 26.09.2020 chemistry

Date 26.09.2020 statistics

Date 26.09.2020 chemistry

Date 26.09.2020 account

Date 26.09.2020 physics

Date 25.09.2020 biology

Date 25.09.2020 statistics

Date 25.09.2020 account

Date 25.09.2020 maths 

Date 25.09.2020 chemistry

Date 24.09.2020 statistics

Date 24.09.2020 chemistry

Date 24.09.2020 physics

Date 24.09.2020 account

Date 24.09.2020 chemistry

Date 23.09.2020 statistics

Date 23.09.2020 biology

Date 23.09.2020 account

Date 23.09.2020 maths

Date 22.09.2020 statistics

Date 22.09.2020 physics

Date 22.09.2020 account

Date 22.09.2020 chemistry

Date 21.09.2020 biology

Date 21.09.2020 statistics

Date 21.09.2020 account

Date 21.09.2010 matha

Date 21.09.2020 statistics

Date 20.09.2020 English

Date 19.09.2020 statistics

Date 19.09.2020 chemistry

Date 19.09.2020 physics

Date 19.09.2020 account

Date 18.09.2020 statistics

Date 18.09.2020 biology

date 18.09.2020 account

Date 18.09.2020 maths

DATE 19.09.2020 ENGLISH

Date 18.09.2020 English

Date 17.09.2020 chemistry

Date 17.09.2020 statistics

Date 17.09.2020 ACCOUNT

Date 17.09.2020 physics


DATE 16.09.2020 BIOLOGY

DATE 16.09.2020 ACCOUNT

DATE 16.09.2020 MATHS 



DATE 15.09.2020 ACCOUNT

DATE 15.09.2020 PHYSICS

Date 13-9-2020 BIOLOGY VIDEO.

Date 4-9-2020 MATHS VIDEO.

Date 3-9-2020 MATHS VIDEO.

Date 2-9-2020 MATHS VIDEO.

Date 1-9-2020 MATHS VIDEO.

Date 31-8-2020 ACCOUNT VIDEO.

Date 30-8-2020 NAMA NA MUL TATVO VIDEO  

Date 29-8-2020 NAMA NA MUL TATVO VIDEO  
Date 28-8-2020 NAMA NA MUL TATVO VIDEO  
Date 27-8-2020 BIOLOGY VIDEO  

DATE 25-8-2020 CHEM VIDEO  

DATE 24-8-2020 CHEM VIDEO  

HOME LEARNING VIDEO STD 12 date 22-8-2020
DATE 19-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO           

DATE 18-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO          

DATE 17-8-2020 MATHS VIDEO         


DATE 26-7-2020 BIOLOGY VIDEO     

DATE 25-7-2020 BIOLOGY VIDEO         

DATE 19-7-2020 PHYSICS VIDEO      

STD 12 CHEMISTRY 18 06 2020
STD 12 CHEMISTRY 17 06 2020
Date 16-6-2020 chemestry Video
Date 15-6-2020 chemestry video

GCERT was moved from Ahmedabad to Gandhinagar, the State Capital in 1997. State Education Department has apportioned separate land for the GCERT for working in part 12. Subsequently the GCERT has been working in the recently developed structure "VIDYABHAVAN" in area 12 with present day framework and most recent gear since 21st August, 2004 considering the augmenting skyline. 

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